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Manufactuer of GOPURAM Brand of High Quality Terracotta Flooring Tiles, Weathering Coats, Roofing Tiles, Decorative Tiles and Wire-Cut Bricks.


Sree Murugan Tile Works is a terracotta tile manufacturer in South India. We manufacture roofing, flooring and decorative tiles. The tiles produced by us are exceptionally aesthetic, strong and durable.

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Roofing Tile Ridge Tile
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Our Product's Unique Advantages:

We manufacture our tiles from clay that is processed by heavy clay machinery. The clay is purified and well grinded before extrusion. The net result is that our tiles exceed the ISI requirement of a maximum of 16% water absorption- our tiles absorb water of only 14-15% by weight. This indicates how strong and compact the clay body is. This gives it good dimensional stability too.

Protects your building from Weathering
Weathering Coats, the tiles you lay on your terrace will be exposed to the sun, rain and temperature cycles. Only well purified, processed and fired clay can produce tiles that can withstand extreme weathering. Our tiles with very high density, homogeneity and strength can withstand weathering very well and protects your building.

Royal, Aesthetic Look
Terracotta Flooring and Roofing tiles can impart a grand, serene and royal look for your buildings.

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Lakshmi Anand K, Partner,
Sree Murugan Tile Works,
Surandai Road,
Pavoorchatram - 627808
Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India

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